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Deco 1 A/M trailer

The decontamination trailer Deco 1 A / M was manufactured by Ratec srl on the most modern principles of NBC protection and with the experience of the organizations of the Fire Brigade and Civil Protection in European countries.

The system has been designed to allow, to a group of four operators, wearing the personal protective equipment (NBC complete protection) and then with reduced mobility, to set up and operate a system of NBC decontamination for people and materials in order to:

  • Limit, in time and space, consequences of a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical threat.
  • Allow operators to treat locally non-ambulatory patients
  • Coordinate with local public structures, sending patients already treated and, in any case, decontaminated to prevent secondary pollution of the hospital structures
  • Decontaminate vehicles, equipment and materials for their reuse.

In design and construction of the system all basic functions necessary to ensure a functional and operational autonomy have been considered. In fact:

  • The trailer is equipped with a water supply of 600 liters compatible with at least 40 treatments that can be interfaced to the hydrant network or firemen trucks hoses.
  • The trailer is equipped with an autonomous power generation unit or through an emergency generator associated with the decontamination unit and finally, can be fed through an extension to an existing electrical power supply.
  • The trailer incorporates a treatment  line made up by three tents with men / women (two tents) and stretcher treatment place (in a further tent). All tents are equipped with: air inflation and deflation, electrical system, water system, contaminated water intake and sewage system in flexible bladders for the containment of contaminated water.

     Inside the tents showers and footboards in plastic material are provided.


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