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(for tactical activities operators)

Inflatable pneumatic system allowing the operator working in immersion tactical activities to perform underwater trim correction.

- Construction: Single bag in PU coated black Nylon 400 denier in round form with rounded edges where a hole for the passage of the head is placed.

- Inner bellow with rounded edges to give three-dimensionality to the bag.

- Welding of the bag in high frequency with external protect-    tion tape Nylon 25 mm folded and sewn.
- Filling system for buoyancy compensation: A mouth piece for loading - unloading (filling with mouth – emptying with exhaust on the pressure valve).

- Emergency Activation: with 24 gram CO2 cylinder and activation device "Halkey-Roberts Corp" with protective flap and Cordura Velcro stop.

- Pressure refiel valve: automatic - quick emptying manually activated.

- Harness: Nylon webbing system and black plastic clips.

Extensive ergonomics, lightweight and reduced size!

Download Brochure Buoyancy system