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Damage Control Shore System

Damage Control Operation aboard  always occur in emergency conditions. The system must be easy to install and efficient as well. 

Ratec srl shoring system meets the requirements of:

• Semplicity
• Modularity
• Efficiency for vertical or angular shoring.

Applications include:
• Shoring for vertical for structural  reinforcement or reinforcement of horizontal hatches.
• Shoring of horizontal reinforcement bulkheads.
• Horizontal shoring for leak plug.
• Triangular shoring for leak plug.

The prop is extremely simple and  robust; consists of two telescopic parts in aluminum alloy ending with a fixed terminal flanges on which it is possible to apply an articulated plate  with the supplied screws and bolts.

The extensible part of the prop is provided with a release system that  allow a quick extension to the desired length.

On the extensible part a thread of great pitch is machined , on which a rotating ring insists that has a lock function.

Due to the easy rotation by  hand  the ring moves the prop to the   upper point corresponding to the required extension. With the wrench supplied the prop gets further into force, charging statically.

To solve application problems in case of non-parallel bulkheads or decks, it is possible to assemble a swiveling flat plate on one of the two props terminal.

In  the  case  that  the  prop  is  used  in  pair  with another one (triangular  shoring), flanges are provided with angled plate (90°).

Three different sizes of prop can meet the needs that may arise on board. It must be considered that the possibility of coupling in series the props allows a further use in the event of requirement of greater extension.

 The choice of the Italian Navy

The Italian Navy has chosen the shoring system of  Ratec srl for its ease of use and optimal cost / effectiveness ratio. The construction material is non-magnetic, allowing Navies to install the system in Minesweeper or Ships with low magnetic signature.

 Technical data

• Maximum applicable load: 6000 kg
• Weight of each shore: from 14,8 to  23,2 kg
• Minimum length of shoring (short prop): 90 cm
• Maximum length of shoring (long prop): 350 cm.

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