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Underwater cutting case

The Ratec srl system was designed to collect in one case, easy to transport, all control devices that are used for professional underwater oxygen cutting.

The system comprises:

  • A case that incorporates both oxygen regulation section and  the electrical control part.
  • A kit of hoses for connection to the oxygen cylinder and electrical cables  certified for underwater use.
  • A welding machine for power supply.
  • An underwater cutting tool.

In the oxygen line a high flow reducer and a safety valve are incorporated. A non-return valve for oxygen prevents any possible backfiring.

The electric part contains a rotary switch of the nominal capacity of 250 A capable of     interrupting current up to 2500 A.

Connectors are watertight and cannot be inverted between the positive and the negative pole.

The case is certified MIL-STD-810F and can be transported with built-in wheels.

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