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Ratec srl has received from the Italian Navy the duty to  define shape, dimensions, interfaces, materials of a NATO standard coupling according to STANAG 1450.

Standard interfaces, as described at enclosure I to NATO STANG 1450, are used to connect the inlet and the outlet air hoses to the correspondent DISSUB (DIStressed SUBmarine) connectors.

Ratec Ltd. has developed the project consisting of:

  • analysis of the national standards  interfaces,
  • analysis of the operational procedures of the distressed  submarine (DISSUB)
  • calculation and dimensioning thicknesses of couplings,
  • dimensioning of the coupling of the two halves of the fitting STANAG 1450 to allow rotation and alignment in the tightening phase,
  • sizing of work plans,
  • choice of materials of construction.

Ratec Ltd. has supplied to the Italian  Navy No. 4 series of fittings, successfully tested and in use at the SPAG (Submarine Parachute Assistance Group).

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